ASA Thursday Chat Schedule for Spring 2023

1/26/23: 3pm eastern Matt Watson (Mount Holyoke College): Harvard in the Highlands (Chiapas): From Land Rover interviews to aerial photography (1956-1965)

2/16/23 Carole McGranahan (Colorado): Ethics as theory with case studies from fieldwork in Tibet communities and with Tibetans in the US

3/16/23 Moshe Shokeid (Tel Aviv University): What we left out of our fieldnotes from our earlier research projects

4/13/23 Nancy Scheper-Hughes (UC-Berkeley): The sacrifice of the old and the useless: older Trumpites accept the President’s call for a death sacrifice

5/04/23 Sid Greenfield (Wisconsin-Milwaukee): The accidents that made for a career and a life of wonder and awe

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