2023 A.A.A. Meeting – Transitions – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We send this message to remind you that the AAA meetings are in Toronto this year, and it is now time to plan for them. This year the meeting will be held jointly with CASCA in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and will be a hybrid meeting with online sessions co-occurring with in-person sessions.  Meeting dates are Nov, 15-19 and the theme is Transitions. See the AAA meetings website for details.

Each year the ASA, a section of the AAA, is allocated two formal invited sessions, and supports our members who want to propose sessions, roundtables and other events. 

The general call for submission is open NOW, until March 22nd when you must start your submission, with final deadline for submission March 29th. You will find options for general submission at this link:

Other types of submissions such as special events, late breaking sessions and workshops have later deadlines (see below). 

Invited Session: If you want to propose an invited session you may send your abstract, or abstract draft to the ASA review committee consisting of Jean Schensul (, Maria Cattell (, and Tim Wallace ( with participants and titles listed and we will provide you with rapid turnaround feedback. Once sessions are submitted, the review committee will determine which sessions are to be considered as an ASA Invited Session.  Those not selected as official Invited Sessions but are identified as ASA-associated will be reviewed and considered for the AAA program as well.

Other Session development: If you would like to create a panel, find a panel to join, or solicit additional papers for a panel, or if you simply want some feedback for your session proposal and/or want suggestions how to find other presenters, we encourage you to send us your ideas, titles, abstracts, etc. and we will send comments. Do make use of the ASA list serve and the AAA Communities Page in seeking participants, or any other section or interest group that you think might be appropriate. ASA welcomes collaboration with other sections and interest groups.

Special Event You can organize a special event, which is usually scheduled for noon, that could consist of a conversation, “meeting on a topic”, or multimedia presentation e.g. photographs, digital stories, film pastiches etc.   ASA would like to encourage its members to take advantage of the special event submissions.

Workshops.  Some ASA members have expressed an interest in writing memoirs, narratives, autoethnographies or other life stories.  If you have an interest in facilitating or participating in a workshop on this topic, please contact Jim Weil (

AAA Session Submissions Deadlines

  • Deadline for General Call for Participation Proposals to be started in the Portal
    • Wednesday, March 22, 2023 – 11:59 PM Eastern Time
  • Deadline for General Call for Participation Proposals to be submitted in the Portal
    • Wednesday, March 29, 2023 – 11:59 PM Eastern Time

Special Events Submissions

  • Special Event Submission Portal Opens
    • Wednesday, April 19, 2023 – 3:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Deadline for Special Event Submissions
    • Wednesday, June 7, 2023 – 11:59 PM Eastern Time
  • Deadline for workshops
    • August 18th.


ASA Thursday Chat Schedule for Spring 2023

1/26/23: 3pm eastern Matt Watson (Mount Holyoke College): Harvard in the Highlands (Chiapas): From Land Rover interviews to aerial photography (1956-1965)

2/16/23 Carole McGranahan (Colorado): Ethics as theory with case studies from fieldwork in Tibet communities and with Tibetans in the US

3/16/23 Moshe Shokeid (Tel Aviv University): What we left out of our fieldnotes from our earlier research projects

4/13/23 Nancy Scheper-Hughes (UC-Berkeley): The sacrifice of the old and the useless: older Trumpites accept the President’s call for a death sacrifice

5/04/23 Sid Greenfield (Wisconsin-Milwaukee): The accidents that made for a career and a life of wonder and awe

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