Welcome to the Association of Senior Anthropologists

The Association of Senior Anthropologists offers senior and retired anthropologists a continuing presence and voice in the discipline, allowing them to put their accumulated knowledge and insights to significant use. The section has two main purposes:

(1) provide support needed by this cohort, including assistance with accessibility related to aging and in remaining professionally engaged in the absence of or reduced institutional affiliations;

(2) serve as a forum for lively intellectual interactions and scholarly productivity, especially but not limited to presentations and publications by senior anthropologists as representatives of the living history of the discipline.

2021 So Far

Read about the spring election results on the Officers page and plans for this year’s annual meeting on the Meetings page.

2020 Overview

See the Meetings page for a review of the events held at the Raising Our Voices online substitute for the annual AAA meeting, which could not be held in St. Louis because of the pandemic.

The results of the election are in. A big thank you to all who voted!  At the 2020 business meeting Maria Cattell became President Elect at the same time that Tim Wallace took office as President. Sue Kenyon will continue as Secretary. Obviously, the changing of the guard could not be carried out in person this year, with the usual passing of the gavel. Don’t ask how. but it was accomplished virtually with a prerecorded video.

The Bylaws changes were also approved.  These include updated wording and closer specification of what Board members are already doing. Significant changes include the addition of an elected Student Representative and two elected Members At Large to the Board. We anticipate electing the Student Representative and one At Large Board Member in the spring of 2021, with the second At Large Member to be elected the following spring (to stagger the terms).