Margo L. Smith

Margo SmithMargo L. Smith, Professor Emerita of Anthropology and International/Intercultural Studies at Northeastern Illinois University, earned her BA from DePauw University (1965), where she majored in sociology and French, and her PhD from Indiana University, Bloomington (1971), where she studied cultural anthropology, archaeology, and Latin American Studies.  Her first ethnographic fieldwork (1967-1970) was in Lima, Peru, on women who had migrated from the provinces to the national capital where they found work as domestic servants.  Several publications resulted from this research.  She was an 18-year member of the Library Anthropology Research Group under whose auspices she authored and edited (with Yvonne M. Damien) Anthropological Bibliographies:  A Selected Guide (1983, 2nd ed.) and translated numerous entries from Spanish and Portuguese to English for International Dictionary of Anthropologists (1991).  A two year consulting assignment with a firm which imported hardware from Latin America also led to publications.  In Northeastern’s anthropology program she taught and served two terms as department chair, followed by more than a decade as Assistant to the President.  Upon her retirement from university employment, she embarked on fieldwork on social organization in Slovakia which is about to culminate in Turiec Valley (Slovakia) Families (forthcoming).