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The ASA publishes Anthropology News columns on the work, past and present, of its members, as well as thought pieces and commentaries. Other columns inform AN readers about about section news, such as panels and other events at the AAA annual meeting. (See also the ASA Community page for other announcements, comments, and exchanges.)

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  • How do we combat vaccine hesitancy? We might look to the personal stories of those who have experienced the role of vaccines in overcoming infectious disease. The post Why Are American Elders More Accepting of the COVID-19 Vaccine? appeared first on Anthropology News.
  • One anthropologist’s journey through his bookshelf leads him to a new project in literary anthropology. The post Writing Nigeria, Past and Present appeared first on Anthropology News.
  • One retired anthropologist walks across the United States and shares his reflections on the journey. The post Crazy or Awesome? appeared first on Anthropology News.
  • Reflections on summertime lockdown and increasing public resentment over the coalition's failure to control the pandemic. The post Coronavirus Days in Tel Aviv appeared first on Anthropology News.
  • Anthropology continues to be an ongoing journey of discovery and inspiration. The post Retirement and a New Beginning appeared first on Anthropology News.